Janet’s Review – Advanced Beauty & Body Care

When you have plenty of money and time to spare, visit Advanced Beauty and Body Care in Parramatta – a day spa located right next to the station! They stock hair, body and skincare products of the best quality as well as provide a range of hair, body and skincare services designed to suit any female and males!

Advanced Beauty also offers unbelievable deals and promotions when you register online at http://www.advancedbeauty.com.au! I recently purchased an unbelievable offer on Ouffer (www.ouffer.com) for a 90 minute sea salt exfoliation with algae wrap (usually $130) PLUS a mini manicure and pedicure ($30 and $40 respectively), specialised eye treatment ($35 on top), shoulder massage ($25), AND hair wash and blowdry (around $55.50 for me due to my extra-long hair) all for only $89! If not for my limited funds, I would like to have purchased one for every one of my friends and family!

The service here is superb, as everyone is individually catered to and treated with the utmost respect! Advanced Beauty offers so many different services, treatments and advice on all of the above that it cannot be expressed within the extent of this one blog. Perhaps a separate review on each experience might be enough! Try a regular 30 minute maintenance facial ($50), customised individually for your skin type, or receive an instant hair repair treatment while you are having your hair coloured!

If you don’t want to try it yourself, you can purchase services or a gift card online to give to that special someone who deserves to be treated! Just thinking about the complete relaxation and calmness that overcomes your body as you are receiving a massage makes me weak in the knees! A must try of all who love to be pampered!


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  1. me and my girlfriend loves to visit the local day spa, it is our weekly routine to get a good scrub*,’

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