Janet’s Review: Ichi Ban Teppanyaki

Ichi Ban Teppanyaki is the newly renamed and one of the only two teppanyaki restaurants in Parramatta! Located on Wentworth  Street, the restaurant is easily accessible from the train station and Westfield! For those who aren’t sure what ‘Teppanyaki’ actually stands for – I suggest you read this, or research into it before actually having a go!

Teppanyaki is a style of Japanese cuisine – ‘teppan’ meaning iron plate, and ‘yaki’ meaning grilled or pan-friend. Teppanyaki restaurants usually have a wide, flat surfaced grill placed in an open area, where customers sit in front and are able to watch the chef cook what they ordered! In this type of situation, we are able to experience first-hand the skill and coordination of the chef as he chops up and pretty much throws the food into your plate! Don’t get me wrong, this is not because he has a grudge against you, or has bad manners – this is what teppanyaki is! Words of advice – don’t wear expensive or treasured clothing and try and avoid the colour white!

Although Ichi Ban in Parramatta is not the most elegantly refurbished and aesthetically pleasing restaurant available, the superb skill and enjoyable personalities of the chefs (whom you might not even understand) make dining here a fun and really enjoyable experience.  You can choose from fixed price sets (the best way to enjoy teppanyaki at a lower price) or pick whatever you like. Warming: Anyone not prepared to receive raw eggs and cooked food thrown at them should not try this place!!


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