Longest Day Ever at Shine

Wow for the first time ever since I have been at Shine Music School, 9 hours of my Saturday has been spent here at the school. I never really appreciated teacher’s and their endurance when I was younger, but now my respect for our music teachers has increased tenfold. From 8am-9am on a Saturday morning, our teacher’s are here at Shine preparing to teach for the day! All day long, until 5-5:30pm they teach – some with only a ten or thirty minute break (unless students call in sick) whilst others have longer breaks. One of our teachers is filling in for the first time today, and is marveling at how the usual Saturday teachers can teach for such a long period of time!

In the 9 hours here at Shine, I have spoken to plenty of parents covering a diverse range of topics – in particular the beautiful weather going on right now! I have also experimented in photography and realised that the better the camera, the better quality the picture! The ginormous sandwiches of Saturdays here at Shine have been transformed into wraps, which are much easier to eat, despite the fact that it is still an enormous quantity of food. The Shine band will be rehearsing later on for our Annual Shine Charity Concert with our dedicated guitar teacher Daniel! Our recently engaged violin teacher begins slowly planning for her wedding and engagement parties!

I couldn’t resist but take a photo of one of our very young but remarkably talented students wearing the cutest dress ever! The large pink ribbon tied at the side of her dress nicely complemented the colourful polka dots on the skirt. To top it all off, she walked up the stairs whilst holding up one side of the skirt with her two fingers, just like a little lady!


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