Rachel’s Review: Build-A-Bear

It’s sad to see many of the toys from my day being replaced by new video games and gaming consoles these days. Not being as fortunate as most others as a child, I was always jealous of the other kids who had a plethora of toys, and especially teddy bears, to tuck them in at night and cuddle to sleep. Not that my parents did not buy me many toys, but the toys they bought me were for my brother and I to share… So toy racing cars and a range of sports balls were deemed as unisex toys.

Walking past the Build-A-Bear store in Westfield Parramatta on Level 4, my childhood yearnings for a pretty, cuddly teddy bear flooded my mind as I smiled a sad smile to myself and walked on… I feel like I’m writing a screenplay for a drama now.

Anyway, if you are looking for a present for your child or friend, why not have a look at Build-A-Bears?

At the store, you will find that teddy bears can now be custom made to suit your style and liking. From the outer skin to the character, the stuffing and the clothes, you can choose everything to make your own personal teddy bear.

Build A Bear

If you are not sure what to get for your friend, you can also purchase a gift card for them.

I must admit the pricing of the bears is a little expensive, but then again, you do get the whole experience of building the bear, as well as holding it’s little plastic heart and making a secret wish before putting it into the bear along with the stuffing, so I guess you are also paying for the fun in making them.

A cute addition to add to your collection or someone else’s, Build-A-Bear Workshop allows you to give a more personal gift to your child/friend/whoever.


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