Janet’s Review: Parramatta City Library

Parramatta City Library is conveniently located close to the station – approximately a 5 minute walk! A library does not only offer books anymore, despite the impressive 280,000 books shelved in Parramatta.  Parramatta City Library also offers countless other options of non-books! Visitors can choose from 31,000 non-book items such as music CDs, CD-ROMs plus videos and DVDs featuring movie classics, documentaries, travel and children’s programs. If you prefer reading, stick to the vast magazine collections covering fashion, entertainment, business, finance, gardening, food, teenagers, computers and cooking. You can even read books from other languages (Chinese, Korean, Arabic, Greek, Hindi, Italian, Persian, Turkish and Vietnamese)! There are special sections for newspapers, local history as well as an extensive collection of HSC texts and study guides!

The library offers so many services that aren’t available in all public libraries offer! Newspapers, Justice of Peace, Information & technology (you can book in use of a computer/internet!), community languages and information, a Heritage and Visitor information Centre and a Council Customer Service Counter, just to name a few. Study rooms are available if you want that extra bit of quiet to study in with your friends – I remember countless study sessions pre-HSC that me and my high school friends had in them! They block out the noise and distractions of the outside.

Drop into Parramatta Library if you have some time to spare – pick out a book from the extensive selection and sit back on comfy bean bags (they’re not just for kids!) or sit down at a table upstairs to read peacefully! Parramatta Council also offers events and lectures/talks on particular subjects throughout the year – so ask an assistant at the library or check online! The perfect place to volunteer any old books you don’t read anymore!


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