Every kid’s favourite word: Holiday.

For every kid, it’s a time when they get a break from school and homework. They get to stay up late and watch movies, play all day and night!  But for parents, it can sometimes be a nightmare.  For those who work, trying to organize a baby sitter or day care can be difficult because everyone else is trying to get one as well!  But while I was driving around Parramatta the other day, running all my errands, I noticed how many great holiday programs that were available!  Bunnings were offering a School Holidays Kid’s Workshop, Parramatta Council were also running a few programs, art and crafts, Tennis Clinics, and Storytime at the library!

So for all the parents out there.  Do not panic! There are plenty of programs out there to keep your children entertained:)

And to all of you, have a safe and wonderful holidays! we are the front desk look forward to hearing all your stories when you get back next semester.

Oh and a reminder, don’t forget to practice everyday because the annual Shine Music Concert is soon:)

See you all soon!


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