Cindy’s review: Breadtop

In the little Asian Corner of Parramatta Westfield you will a store dedicated to Breadtop. Breadtop is a Contemporary Chinese Bakery which offers quick snacks, breakfast on the run, and cakes for all occasions. It’s almost like Baker’s delight but with cakes! But obviously it offers Asian style bread and cakes rather than our usual raisin bread, or scones. For a good value, you will definitely be satisfied with the choice at Breadtop!

Breadtop provides self service where you can grab a tray and a pair of tongs and choose at your own liking and unbothered by any sales staff. After choosing your selection you can proceed to the counter and pay for your purchase. But of course if need any help, the sales staff are there to help you – especially with the birthday cakes.

You are provided with a broad range and styles of bread, buns and mini cakes with a twist of Asian style, for example green tea bun, red bean bun, twisted chocolate croissant, mini egg tarts , pork floss bun etc. Now the usual ones that you see in Asian bakeries including pineapple bun, pizza bun and coconut buns are not exactly what they’re famous for – but of course the creative ones like the ones I’ve listed above.  If you want to avoid trying something it would have to be the blueberry and almond flake bun, to me it is excessively sweet and made me feel very full!

Breadtop also specializes in Birthday Cakes and I also recommend this for it’s quality and design, however they seem kind of pricy. I ordered a blackforest cake  in the shape of the number “18” for my 18th  birthday and it was pricy, but it did promise great taste and design.


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