Cindy’s review: Cha Time

Located on Level 5 of Parramatta Westfield, Cha Time’s new franchise has become closer to you! Cha Time is a Taiwanese Milk Tea Stop which is rapidly building an excellent reputation in Sydney. While it can be easily compared to Easy Way, Cha Time is a much more “interesting” in terms of product mix and will guarantee you some unique drinks wich you’ve never tasted before!

The Cha Time in Parramatta is very busy and will always be seen with a long queue – this is possibly due to the new store opening. However the staff are very quick and will process and produce your order in a reasonable time. However the main feature of Cha Time is it’s exciting menu. They range from milk tea alone, to smoothies, juices and shakes, and even mini snacks for your sweet tooth. Although these new mixtures are very exciting – my favourite is still the Jasmine Green Tea Milk Tea with pearls – the hint of jasmine is mixed really well with the green tea for a really simple drink.

Other drinks that are recommended include: Japanese Macha Tea Latte, Tokachi red bean milk tea and Matcha Red Bean Smoothie. Notice that these recommended drinks all include red bean or matcha. Matcha is just green tea powder and red bean really adds to the flavour. I personally like this combination very much! As for the snacks, the egg tart pudding seemed very delicious on the menu and when I tried it personally, it was very promising. I noticed there’s also a drink that has the egg tart pudding in it and that will be the next drink on my list to try out!



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