It’s my fourth day here at Shine Music School and guess what I’ve discovered on the shelves!! Manuscripts for songs from Glee!!

This not-your-ordinary-teen-drama has quickly become must-watch TV for millions, young and old!  The show is witty. The characters are well-developed and interesting. It’s an intentional over exaggeration of high school situations. Because of this, Glee is highly entertaining 😀

Glee is easily one of the best shows on TV. The show already has a hard-core fan base, people who are willing to forgive a few imperfections…for now. It’s becoming the topic of conversation at water coolers in offices across the country. Whether it’s quoting something from Cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester or commenting on a musical mash-up the Glee club created, Glee is making an impact on our culture. It’s irreverent. It’s musically entertaining. Now all Glee has to do is to keep it that way.

I have yet to hear a student here play a song from Glee, but hopefully I won’t have to wait too long:)


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