Magic Lessons

The beginning of a new term is always promising with new students and enthusiastic faces. (99% of the time 🙂 ) Where do the 1% of unenthusiastic faces come from? Basically parents who wished that their kids learnt a particular instrument. I never used to understand why parents had to force us into doing something that we never asked for, or were never interested in! But hey, I think 9/10 of the students here are still happily “Shining” with us here because the first lesson they had here at Shine Music here changed their minds totally!

So today, when a really keen mum brought her 6 year old daughter in, I was sure that after 15 minutes of the trial lesson, the kid’s unenthusiastic facial expression was going to be wiped away. That’s the magic here at Shine Music! I myself wasn’t having the best week so far, but I knew I would cheer up immediately being here. The kids are way too cute for you to ignore!


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