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This term has just started off with absolutely hectic shifts! With two new front desk girls and me being the last, remaining, old front desk girl (yes I feel very old and boring), life at Shine has become that much more busier! With so many things going on during this last term (like the Shine Annual Charity Concert coming up in November – wait and you’ll hear much more about it!), so many people to call, many letters to send off and upgrading of everything here at Shine – I haven’t had any time to upload a blog or take a picture amidst all this craziness! Due to this craziness (imagine our front desk covered in envelopes, invitation pages, the envelope end bits from when you rip off the sticky part, pens, rubber bands and whatever else might be lying around the table) and messiness that I usually cannot stand, many parents and students seem to be wondering what’s going on here at Shine! Our Shine Annual Charity Concert for 2010 will be held on Sunday, November 28th! The invites will be going out this week and next week – so please keep that date free to watch our talented students perform. I hope everyone will be as generous as last year in helping support charity as well as our students!


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