Ramblings ~ Weather and Students

Today has been a long, rather unpredictable day filled with ups and downs. The weather, starting off brilliantly, suddenly became storm-like with grey clouds and pouring rain. Poor parents and students who had to rush here straight after school – no one was prepared for it. The students coming in later in the afternoon and night came prepared with an umbrella – only the weather had drastically changed again to become somewhat humid and hot! Now the atmosphere has become filled with a rather unpleasant smoke – not the natural bushfire-smell of smoke in the air, but a rather synthetic almost harmful smell! I’m not sure what’s going on, but I’m guessing that a store somewhere either in Westfield or nearby has had a fire!

Anyway, now that the invitations to the Shine Charity Concert 2010 are being handed out to all of our students, all that is left to do is start choosing the piece to play! For all of those beginner students (both adult and younger), don’t be shy! Trying to convince one of our 2-week-new adult students to perform any chords that he has learnt at the concert was almost successful – until the teacher mentioned that he would be up against 5 – 10 year olds who are able to perform a complete song. *Sigh ~ it doesn’t matter how well you play – you have plenty of time from now to practice!


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