Janet’s Review: Parramatta River

Parramatta River is one of the most significant waterways in Sydney. It is the reason the Sydney Harbour Tunnel, the Harbour Bridget, the Gladesville Bridge (not to mention the other 12 bridges that cross the river) exist, and flows all the way into Port Jackson in the city! Although you can see glimpses of the river through many spots across Sydney, it originates right here in Parramatta! From the Parramatta Wharf, you can catch a ‘River Cat’ ferry across Sydney – stopping at Sydney Olympic Park, Meadowbank, Kissing Point, Cabarita Park, Abbotsford, Five Dock and Gladesville.

The areas along the river are environmentally sensitive and have fishing bans on them! Due to contaminated sediments within the water that may affect the water quality – you might not want to be fishing here anyway! You can walk down to the river from Church Street (near Meat and Wine Co. and Parramatta Riverside Theatre) and choose a nice patch of grass along the riverbank to have a picnic or just to relax in the sun!

There are also many nice restaurants located on the river such as the River Canyon International Restaurant and the Sahra by the River – two restaurants that have attracted media attention for their food and atmosphere, and even the Meat and Wine Co. located just next to the river on Church Street! Parramatta River is the perfect place to visit on a beautiful, sunny day for a picnic or just to let your kids run around while the parents sit back and relax – perhaps whilst sipping on a glass of champagne or wine along one of the river restaurants.



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