Shared Experiences @ Shine

The students who have remained with us for over a term, year or even a few years have gotten to know the other students at our school. Through projects like Band, as well as just by sitting and waiting together for their lessons, our students share similar backgrounds (obviously) in music whilst others come from the same schools, ethnicity or just become friends through friendly banter! This is not only the case with students, but parents. Two mothers who had yet to cross each others paths, despite the fact that their children have been coming here for more than a year, bumped into each other here at Shine. After realising they had similar backgrounds (and futures – for their daughters) they sat down and talked throughout their children’s lessons. One of mothers had even forgotten to purchase something, even though her son had reminded her before he walked into his lesson.

It isn’t only the students who have been here for awhile; new students are just as fascinating to talk and listen to! Talking to new students as they sign up, sharing my own background in music (which was not a good one) and laughing over it ~ as well as listening to them explain why they’re here at Shine, makes my day a whole lot more interesting! Just being here at Shine allows me to extend my network of acquaintances, share experiences as well as hear others’ experiences.


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