Dreamy Saturday

Saturdays are characterised by early starts, looooooong (usually quite hot) days and late finishes – pretty much a full 8 hour working day. It is also the first day of this busy week that I have had here at Shine that I have not been inundated with a million things to do – barely no calls, no emails and almost everyone keeping on time! Ironically, the one day that I am able to slightly relax is also the day that has be running up and down the stairs at least 4 times every hour. Constant movement and talking with the teachers is keeping my eyes from dying of computer-staring-ness and preventing me from feeling like a big fat lard – a feeling that comes with daydreaming usually around the middle of every day. It is hard to feel sharp and focused on such a lovely, warm day – especially when you are sitting in full-length black jeans and a long-sleeve cardigan on a 28 degree day!

Most of our students have responded quite enthusiastically to the Shine Charity Concert invitations; some students beginning to worry about what song to perform, what to wear – even one of the younger siblings of a student was asking her mother what she will be wearing whilst her sister performs! How cute!



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