Another ordinary day~

WOW the past 6 and a half hours has just FLOWN by with busy work keeping my mind from remembering that I need to write a blog for tonight! I’m slightly worried that I am becoming less organised than I want myself to be – being the neat, anal person I am. It is official that men are in general messier than women – our (all-male) guitar teachers always have the most mess after them, whilst our (predominantly female) piano, voice and violin teachers clean up after themselves! I don’t mean to sound biased, our woodwind male teachers seem to do just fine cleaning up!

Anyway~ the weather has just changed completely from yesterday’s hot and humid-ness, to cold, pouring rain! Time at Shine on Monday nights always seem to fly by, despite the fact that Wednesdays and Thursdays find me with the same amount of time spent here! New students signing up, old students leaving, everyone preparing for exams, concerts, and just life in general – today has been about an ordinary a day can be! Despite the unpredictability of the weather, Shine remains a constant place for everyone wanting music lessons to come to!


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