Woohoo!! Holidays!!!

The Christmas holidays are just a heartbeat away and everyone or almost everyone has organized an exciting retreat away from school and work!

Here are just a few of the Holiday plans students have shared with me:

Bridget, Angela and Joseph (voice/violin and piano students) have relatives coming from Canada and their whole family is going to rent a caravan and take a road trip up to Brisbane!! I’m turning GREEN with envy!!

Savannah (a violin student), well her mum has spilled to me that she will be getting her daughters a turtle for Christmas! so cute! can’t wait to stories about their new pet!

Claire, our violin teacher is getting married!!! her engagement party is very very soon but she seems so….calm! Most of us would imagine a Bridezilla! but nope! Claire is oh so very zen about it!

Fran, our vocal and piano teacher is taking a spontaneous trip to the UK! and from there she will be travelling to Europe! doing some amazing shopping and oogling cute boys 😛 argghhh even more JEALOUS

and yours truly will be stuck in Sydney and 35 degree weather melting away!:P

I have made sure that everyone takes lots of snaps so they can show me when they get back! YAY! probably the high point of my holidays:)

and before I forget! Good luck to everyone taking the School Certificate!~ 🙂


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