Janet’s Review: Sydney Speedway

Tyrepower Sydney Speedway (also referred to as Parramatta City Speedway), as the name suggests, is the venue for modified racing (sprintcars, monster trucks, etc.) in western Sydney. Sydney Speedway hosts many events and national titles over the year, including the Australian Sprintcar Championship, the Australian Speedcar Championship, the Australian Super Sedan Championship, and also plays host to ‘Outlaws Downunder’ in which cars (and racers) from America come to participate in!

For anyone who has never watched monster trucks racing before, it is a totally new experience. Word of advice – come prepared! I recently had the experience of visiting a ‘Monster Truck’ event at the speedway – as one of our talented singing students performed both the American and Australian national anthems. After waiting at the front gate for at least 15 minutes, her family and I were given tickets and told that we weren’t allowed into the brickpit as monster trucks within the arena would not be able to see us (and potentially run us down). After a long strip with caravan-stalls selling food, beverages, and ‘monster truck’ souvenir is the huge, fenced off arena with the dirt track.

If you want seating, you need to pay extra for ‘Grand Stand’ tickets – otherwise you are welcome to sit on the grassy hillsides. The experienced people come with picnic baskets and blankets, mostly towing young children around. The monster trucks come out after much encouragement by the MC’s who also gee up the audience (especially the children). The monster trucks are worth viewing, for anyone interested in speed, cars or speeding cars! Prices vary from approximately $50 for Grand Stand tickets.


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