The Speedway – through my eyes

About two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to visit the Sydney Speedway in Parramatta and experience one of our extremely talented singing students perform live. At the request of the Speedway organisers, Shine Music School was given the opportunity to show off one of our students as well as provide the student with their first gig in the real world! The entire experience was quite surreal – her family and I waited whilst she was taken to the middle of the arena in order to prepare for her performance. Her family and I had dressed expecting a stadium somewhat like those we see at the Olympic Park in Sydney, or even the Rosehill Racecourse just down the street. We were quite out of place – especially with me being one of the only Asians there! After walking slowly towards what we guessed was the arena, the presence of security guards checking tickets (that we did not have) just in front of the large seating area called the ‘Grand Stand’ allowed us to further assume that the grassy hillsides, in which the prepared people had brought portable chairs and picnic blankets, was to be our seating area.

If you can spot our student standing on top of the black centre ‘stage’ area, the zoom function on my camera is better than I expected. Speaking of expectations, her family and I were not prepared to be seated so far away from the actual stage and did not have the advanced-zoom-microphone-technological-camcorders that would have been able to record and capture her performance at a higher resolution and quality. Instead, we stood right at the fence, holding our cameras and video cameras up through the wired fencing, trying to get a closer capture of the amazing performance.

Despite the absolutely amazing performance of both the Australian and American national anthems, the video camera captured-version is sadly marred by the young boys standing RIGHT next to me singing along (out of tune) with the Australian anthem – causing me to be the victim of rather large amounts of saliva, which I was not able to remove due to holding up the cameras. The performance was of such high quality that even the MC was amazed, and highly praised her afterward.  All in all, a rather surreal experience combined with an amazing performance!


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