Hello Summer!

Summer has finally, actually hit in and I hope it lasts because the unstable weather is driving me crazy! But of course when you have things, you always miss the other. During winter I yearned for summer, I yearned for sunshine. As much as I want the gloomy winter days to go away I’m not a big fan of strong sunshine and sticky days! We kind of went straight from winter to summer, how unfair is that! Anyway, I find you guys to be reaaaaaally lucky because when your mood becomes bad from this sticky humid weather you can go inside and play a piece of music that will deifnitely calm you down….. how I’d love to do that except, I don’t play any 😦 Oh well I can stick to singing but I’m not sure if anyone wants to hear me sing! Haha!

Besides this sticky weather, today was a day filled with children’s laughter and stories. Fridays are always days filled with noise and laughter just because there are a pile of primary school students who have their lessons today. The cheekiest and noisiest bunch have finally resumed their lessons after a few weeks break – I’m just not sure whether I miss the peace or miss their cheekiness!


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