A taste of Saturdays

This is the first time Ive come in on Saturdays and it feels like I’m new all over again because I don’t know the students and the students don’t know me! I’d love to be able get to know the faces of every student here. In addition I was also able to meet two of the other teachers here – only two more now!

Today Daniel has asked me to help record some videos of his students playing a guitar piece. Being able to first hand experience the music played by the students is really my pleasure, because as I’ve mentioned before, I only get to hear muffled versions between brick walls and through glass doors! Therefore I’m realllllly excited about the concert that way I know whether you cheeky students have been practising and of course you have !!

One of my other tasks today were to remind parents and students of the upcoming concert (yes we talk about the concert everyday – online, offline, on the phone, via email and face to face – we are that excited!) and I realized that many students are too show or don’t have enough confidence! Unless you’re 4 or 5 years old, or just had a couple of lessons, everyone should really have a try! Besides there’s a whole 2-3 weeks until the concert which means that you’ll definitely perfect the piece. Don’t you want to represent Shine on stage??


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