A Riddle To Ponder – The teacher or the student?

An adult clarinet student came in last week decided to quiz Shine Music School on it’s piano teaching capabilities whilst waiting for the lesson to being.  Despite the adult student learning the clarinet for the first time, she had a young son who had already started learning piano elsewhere.  Her statement was phrased something in the vicinity of:

‘ Oh I hope you guys are better than the teacher who I heard has 1st grade students failing’

This particular statement had me pondering since there are always two sides to every exam result.  First of all it was tough to comment on the situation since I had never met the teacher or the student, but the more I thought about it, the answer became very clear.

Despite not having met the entire world’s music teachers, I am still very confident that when a person decides that they have reached a certain level of music proficiency to teach they still in the full interest of making sure a student is proficient enough to pass a certain exam.  So the answer to the riddle, is that it would have to be a student problem rather than a teacher problem.

Maybe the student had been away from the teacher for an extended period before the exam, maybe the student had fallen ill and was only making a last ditch effort to salvage the exam fees.  We don’t know, but those are two of the possible situations I can come up with.

Anyway, for all the music teachers out there faced with the task of preparing students for exams and hoping they do well, you’ve done all that you could, it’s up to everything coming together as well as you hope it can once they are outside their lesson.


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