[Review] Swarovski

Countdown to Christmas has begun and now is the time to get your Christmas shopping done!  What will you buy buying for your special ones?

Well for all you men out there, I would recommend Swarovski to make your ladies sparkle this Christmas.  They’ve recently renovated their Parramatta Westfield store and it looks magnificent!  They have this enormous crystal chandelier hanging from ceiling, and is truly a work of art!  Beautiful crystal ornaments are scattered around their shop front, with their necklaces and earrings displayed on the walls.  They’ve also just recently set up their gorgeous crystal Christmas tree and you cannot take your eyes away from it! *drool*

The crystal has the most dazzling fire and depth, and when properly polished, it catches the light in all directions.  They are quite delicate, and as there are so many flat facets, a scratch would be very noticeable.

Your partners need to take care of it and keep it polished so it retains it’s fire and beauty.

Guys! you cannot go wrong with Jewelry!! Buy her a nice sparkly pair of earring, or a ring (not diamonds, but close!), it’ll definately make your wife or girlfriend feel  lucky to have you:)


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