[Review] Parramatta Park

Parramatta Park is one of Australia’s most important cultural landscapes. Its history is the story of our Nation. Parramatta Park Trust manages the site to conserve the historic values harmoniously co-existing with recreational facilities and integrated with the surrounding environment. The park environment includes historic buildings and archaeological zones, historic views and landscapes, remnant and regenerated Cumberland Plain vegetation, waterways and extensive open fields.

Parramatta Park is one of the largest parks in western Sydney and offers a relaxing and picturesque setting for families and community groups to enjoy a day outdoors. Parramatta Park attracts over 1.7 million visitors annually and is a great place to ride bicycles, rollerblade, walk, run and play sports such as cricket and football. The park is venue to major events such as Australia Day celebrations, Sydney Symphony in Parramatta Park, the Mother’s Day Classic and various other organised community events. Our facilities include  sporting fields, BBQ and picnic areas and the Parramatta Park Cafe & Event Centre.

There are two fun playgrounds and children can ride safely on the sealed off-road area. Tucked in beside the Macquarie Street entrance is a large formal rose garden which contains a rare collection of heritage and species roses.

History enthusiasts will want to take the Curator’s tour of the convict built, 18th century dairy building. Check out the Park’s website for booking information and other events and festivals.

Parramatta Park is located on the Parramatta River, on a small hill overlooking the City of Parramatta. Historic Old Government House stands within the park.


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