Summer and Students

The sweltering heat (mixed in with bouts of cold rain) and the Christmas carols that can be heard from some of our music rooms has led me to believe that it is already Summer! Walking out to the front door today, one of the students and I were overwhelmed by the number of bugs around – a sure sign of summer! Despite the new air conditioner installed upstairs, I have been carrying a relatively high temperature all afternoon due to constant movement and activity! Convincing our shy students to perform at our concert has been my goal for today, with many students converting after discussing with their teachers. One student, despite her absolutely amazing talent at playing the saxophone, gave a firm “No” to her mother, her teacher and me. That had encouraged one of our adult students (who I have been convincing for years now) to do the same and give me a firm “no!” I haven’t given up – I still have …ONE WEEK! Just looking at the calendar (luckily no one is here to notice my jaw drop open whilst I moved ridiculously close to the calendar to recalculate the days), I now only have one day next week to convince this student to perform! That’s okay…I can do it.


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