$$$hinneee Dollars!

I’ve been at Shine Music since about 8am and am amazingly still awake! I haven’t nodded off during the day (yet!) but its the perfect weather to do so. The sun is shining, sky is blue and the air isn’t too stuffy.  A perrrrrrfect day for the beach or a good sleep-in!

BUT! the show must go on.  Two of William’s piano students started at 8am! and while I was walking past, I swear one of them looked as though he was about to snooze on the piano!  But they’re here every single week on the dot! such good students right?

While I’m typing away on the computer right now, another student whose lesson finished half an hour ago is practicing the the spare room! He’s such a good boy but his brother is a little bit cheeky! 🙂 Both gorgeous! and he was showing me the reward for his practice that he got from William (his piano teacher), a $20 shine dollar.

What this is, is an incentive for students to practice.  If a student practices, the teacher rewards them with Shine dollars, which they collect to claim a prize.  Prizes range from lollies, stationary to even NDS games!!! lucky lucky.  If a student practices their pieces, it really shows in class.  Teachers don’t hand out homework to make the kids suffer, they do it so the student can learn, make progress, to enjoy and be proud of their hard work:)



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