Cindy’s review: Typo

Typo is one of the subsidiaries of Cotton on Group and has been increasing in reputation lately – due to the spread of new stores opening throughout Sydney, to which one of them are located in Parramatta Westfield. Typo is a lot like Smiggle except it’s targeted more at teenagers and adults, rather than children who would like Smiggle. Typo generally offers stationary for sale and other quirky things for your desktop and bookshelves with interesting designs and affordable prices.

Right now they offer a selection of diaries for 2011, in all different size, styles and format! These range from plain colours to patterns like leopard spots and special designs, sizes of A5, A4, A6, daily, weekly and monthly format. Approaching the end of the year now, it’s a great idea to grab on of those cute diaries for a friend (no matter how old they are!) as a Christmas present so they can plan ahead for 2011.

Other interesting and quirky things that are worth looking at or buying at Typo are those large alphabet letters that they sell individually. At a seemingly cheap price you can send a message to someone special with these big alphabet blocks – a different way to express yourself and a message so big and “tangible” they can’t miss! If not sending a message, just putting those pieces together to spell your name on your bookshelf would be quite cute also! You also would not miss the interesting lamp that Typo designed, a great gift for girls, with flower and lip shaped light bulbs for a mini desk lamp – different from your ordinary boring black lamp!

So if you’re searching for an interesting and quirky gift for your friends and family – I recommend you visit Typo! If not, you can always spoil yourself to decorate your room!


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