Melodies of Wedndesdays

Today I’ve finally had the chance to listen to the violin lessons clearly without other instruments over it! Indeed the piano, guitar and saxophone are much louder than the violin. It was only when the lessons ended for those three instruments and the only lessons remaining were that of violin that I could finally get a taste of it!

Indeed it is very elegant and peaceful, I don’t know why but violins remind me of ballet and ballerinas. I can just imagine ballerinas on their feet dancing to the beautiful melodies of the violin. Although there are many types of guitatrs, acoustic, electric, bass etc, but the first type I think of is the acoustic – maybe because most of our students play acoustic here.

Acoustic guitars remind me of a beautiful sunny day where friends and family are gathering in a garden or park, maybe a picnic? – and singing together with the background music of guitars.

When I hear saxophones playing, I think a street parade. It’s a special event and there’s a band playing and the only two things I can hear are saxophones and drums. The players are dressed like soldiers and they’re marching. And there are heads poking out of the crowd, applauding, yelling, thrilled to hear such lovely music.

Pianos – my favourite instrument (even though I don’t play one) reminds me of performances – not part of a band, or an orchestra, but a solo piano performance, maybe in the opera house? or any theatre for that fact, where not only friends and family witness such a great talent but the public as well. And after piano, I can hear clap,clap, clap…….

What do the melodies of the different instruments on Wednesdays remind you of?


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