Janet’s Review: Food Friends

‘Food Friends’ is a quaint little restaurant located at 81 George Street in Parramatta. Although a slight walk in the opposite direction to Westfield from the station, the walk is definitely worth it! Food Friends is a mix of Japanese and Korean cuisine, with sushi bento boxes and take-away lunches available that resemble what you could find at a Food Court. The food here is made authentic by a family of Koreans – much better quality than what you can find at a food court. While people tend to pop by for the lunch menu, the menu is actually a lot more diverse and exquisite! Food Friends offers a very popular Korean meal known as ‘Wollamsam’, which is actually Vietnamese rice paper rolls made Korean style.

You need to call up and book in advance for this particular meal, as it requires some extensive preparation. Vegetables and fruit are sliced up and placed on a large plate, a large hot pot divided into two sections (one for meat and one for dunking in the rice paper) are prepared for you – when you come in you can enjoy the experience of making your own rolls and eating as many as you can! I’ve eaten up to 12 rolls in one night. Although this meal might be slightly more expensive (buffet style), other cheapers meals are just as delicious! Beautiful Korean hotpot stews are available for sharing, or single traditional Korean dishes such as ‘Bulgogi’ (marinated beef with rice), ‘Jjambbong’ (a chilli seafood noodle dish with an absolutely amazing soup), and many more.

If you love Asian food, or in particular Korean food, this place is absolutely perfect! It is the only place in Parramatta that offers very cheap but authentic, freshly made Korean food!

Although this place might not look like a fancy restaurant,   the staff are friendly and the food is authentic and to die for! The perfect place for family dinners. If you are unsure of anything on the menu, you can ask the friendly staff (someone who can speak in English) to explain what is what! Most of the cooks are limited in their English – they instead devote their time to cooking up your food quickly and perfectly! My mouth is salivating at the thought of it.


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