Crazy Fridays

It has been awhile since I have been in on a Friday and it has been a nice long afternoon filled with the usual kids everywhere, colouring in, cutting up paper, sticking things down, making Harry Potter wands, and chatting to the parents that has become characteristic of the Fridays at Shine. Getting into discussions about Harry Potter’s latest movie (the Deathly Hallows Part 1) is always entertaining – especially when one of the kids hasn’t read the book and is continually becoming crazed at what we are discussing – “isn’t it scary when the snake comes out of Bathilda” followed by a “WHAT SNAKE?! WHO’S BATHILDA?”. I felt slightly bad for ruining parts of the movie, but it was quite amusing to watch them banter.

The other half of my day has been preparing for the concert on this Sunday! Most of the students are preparing what to wear, how they are going to curtsey or bow on stage and what they will be playing! For anyone who has yet to decide on coming, it will be a fun-filled day of music and socialising!


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