Preconcert jitters!

Yay! i’m so excited! the concert is tomorrow and all the sweat and hard work that the students have put it to perfect their pieces is going to pay off!  About 100 of our students are divided into 3 sessions and will be performing a piece of their own choice.  This is really a great opportunity for them to show their friends and family a glimmer of what they doing this term.  This morning, students have been practicing projecting their voice, so when they get up on stage tomorrow, they will be able to say “Hi, my name is ____ and i’m going to play ____” so everyone can hear Just then, one of our younger students Thomas was practicing, and I think because he’s shy, he’s practically whispering.  His mum tried to bribe him with a trip to the toy shop, but he still wasn’t able to do it. 😦 But not to worry, i’m sure he will be able to do it tomorrow! 🙂

Parents have been telling me how hard their kids are practicing, which is fabulous news!

They’re going to be great tomorrow!!!! *cheer*

Well I better get back to work! it’s getting a bit more busier at the front desk because it’s the afternoon:) can’t wait till tomorrow!


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