For Charity

Shine Music School is devoted to doing things for charity – this is my conclusion after spending a whole day on Sunday at the Annual Shine Music Charity Concert! The students got up to perform their favourite or most-practiced pieces over the past year – and it was great! Despite the wet, rather humid weather – everyone who showed up had a good time enjoying the efforts of our hard-working students! Not only putting on a concert for charity (the Westmead Children’s Hospital to be exact), some of our students (and teacher) performed today at the Red Cross function! I was lucky enough to tag along and help out with the students who performed – the crowd were so appreciative and amazed at the performances. We were all treated with such respect and kindness (the head caterer went all out to make sure that we were well fed and catered for)! It is such a nice feeling to have something so simple (music) be able to do such great, fulfilling things (such as giving to charity as well as assisting other charities with beautiful music). I spent the whole performance capturing the performances so that it can be shared with everyone! Check out our Shine Music Youtube channel!


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