Tips on Beating Stage Fright Part 1

Performing in front of a crowd or audience requires more than just the ability to play an instrument or sing – it requires guts! Not everyone is the same – some people are born to be on the stage, others require a bit of nudging and pushing, and there are the rare few who are just absolutely terrified to be on stage. For anyone needing to perform (or those who missed out on performing at our Shine Music Charity Concert this year) can have a look at the following tips on beating the stage fright!

Support – having people support you is helpful throughout any stage in your life. Having someone support you whilst on stage is even better! Having a teacher or friend accompany you in the performance (i.e. performing a duet or in a group) might be more common, but having your teacher on stage just to support you is even better! One of our shier students was able to have her mum on stage for her to look at! Sometimes, looking at someone other than the audience can help beat the nerves!

Look Away! Focusing on something other than the audience helps such as looking at a point far behind the audience. Sometimes, its even better to have an instrument (your luckiest if you play the piano) facing away from the audience, or just focus really hard by staring directly at your own instrument! Having your music out in front of you to look at (even if you have already memorised your songs) can help make everything seem like you are just at home, practicing like every other day!

I hope these two tips help ~ I will continue with more tips next week!


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