Cindy’s review: Mantra Hotel Parramatta

Ever had friends or relatives visiting in Sydney but had no where to stay and was looking for accommodation convenient for the West? Mantra Hotel is situated very close to Westfields and Parramatta station – on Valentine Avenue. It is literally a 3 minute walk from the station! With a choice of hotel style suites and, 1 and 2 bedroom apartments you can the most suitable one for all families.

Recently I experienced staying overnight in one a one bedroom apartment at Mantra. For a four star hotel, it wasn’t quite up to the standards, however it seemed like a 3.5 star to me – based wholey on the apartment I stayed in that night (although the lobby did show signs of 4 stars). First of all, the corridors and lifts were very clean and tidy – I always notice this because it gives me an impression that the apartment or hotel room must be just as neat and tidy. Into the one bedroom apartment, it looked exactly like the picture below (from the website). The one bed room apartment included facilities like dining table, kitchenette, and two televisions (note: these were not plasma ones).

The kitchen and bathroom seemed very clean and tidy – the bathroom almost sparkled – and laundry facilities were all working well. However, I started to notice the downs throughout the night. I was extremely disappointed that there was no mirror in bedroom! Their built in wardrobe did not contain a mirror on the door nor was their any signs of a mirror in that room. The only mirror in the whole apartment was the bathroom one!

Secondly, when we began cooking up dinner, we found that the pots and pans were not properly cleaned – and by that I don’t mean that there was a drop of water, or a little blck dot, or a piece of hair, there was actually tiny bits of dried noodles stuck to the pan. I was under the impression that this should’ve been cleaned for us, and not that we were meant to use the dish washing liquid and wash it off ourselves! Additionally there was no oven.

We also had access to swimming pools and recreation facilities and a breakfast in the morning.Other than the problem with the mirror and the kitchen, I believe it was alright.  I couldn’t expect toooo much from a 4 star hotel Parramatta I guess, but I don’t see why they had forgotten to clean the pot!



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