Searching for my voice….

For some reason it feels like a long time since my last shift here -although it was only last week! I was also unable to attend our annual concert this year which is very unfortunate as when I was uploading the concert photos it seemed like I had missed out! The kids all looked lovely in their pretty dresses and handsome in their mini blouses and polo shirts! Up on stage with their instrument, I would be so proud of them if I was their parent (again this may relate to the fact that I never got the chance to continue my piano lessons).

Speaking of which, the only instrument I had left with me was my voice – I can tell you that I’ve always loved singing only because that’s the only instrument I had left – although it’s not professional at all! I fell sick around late October and since then, I haven’t been able to sing well and I am so upset about that! Before, I was able to reach high notes out of my range (obviously not professionally) using…I think they call it a falsetto? Now… I cannot reach high notes with falsetto leaving me the option to only sing flat, low pitch songs. I’ll need to see a doctor soon because I can’t stand it anymore!


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