Phew! What a day!!

It has been quite a day here at the front desk.

Today Claire and Fran’s students were told that their teachers would not be returning next year! Such sad news! but amazing opportunities have come up for Fran and Claire!

Fran is heading to Miami! AHHHHHH!!!! how good does that sound!!! the sun, sand and hunky men!!!! *drool* She’s taking 6 months off because she landed the lead role in a musical onboard a CRUISE SHIP!!!…which is sailing around the Carribean and Caicos islands!! Gosh! i’m so jealous!. All of the staff are taking bets on whether she will return with a rich husband (or not)! I’m putting my money on YES!. 🙂 It’s been amazing getting to know Fran and will be insanely missed!

Claire, our violin teacher is also leaving! She got engaged not long ago to her high school sweetheart and they’re both taking time off uni to take an extended pre-honeymoon vacation! for a couple months! they plan on visiting vietnam, laos and Sri Lanka!

We also met their replacements today! Introducing Max and Hayley!! welcome to shine music:)


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