Loving the A/C (air conditioning)!

The disgustingly hot, sticky and humid weather both yesterday and today (just happens to be the days that I am at here) have been counteracted by the beautiful a/c (air conditioners) here at Shine! William had installed a brand new air conditioner (see image) a few weeks ago, and we are reaping the benefits with this disgusting weather!

Walking from Parramatta Westfield to our school is quite a small walk but the weather has made it long and painful for me. Even going outside to open the door for students and parents has become something that I am not looking forward to (no offense to anyone who rings the doorbell). The walk back into Shine, however, makes it somewhat worthwhile – the blast of fresh cool air that makes everyone walking into the school sigh with relief. It is such a lovely thing to watch when previously people would ask to open the door for some cooler air, or sit outside whilst waiting for their children to finish their lessons. Only now people are realising the upgrade in air conditioning (not to mention our new hectic photocopier!). The air conditioning is making work a breeze (both figuratively and literally! Haha!).

Despite the happiness and joy of both air conditioners ~ I just had a sad moment with one of our students! As a front desk girl and not a teacher, we are allowed to have favourite students ~ and she is definitely one of the most entertaining! After discussing the year that has now passed and the funny incidents within it, as well as not being able to see her until next year we both felt slightly sad and reminiscent (but I could tell that she was still very excited for the break)! For everyone not coming in for the last week (as a few students go on early holidays) have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!! I love this time of year!


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