Cindy’s Review: Temasek

Until my friends from Hurstville told me, I never knew that such a restaurant existed in Parramatta. Temasek is located on George St in Parramatta, in a little arcade, next to some neighbouring diners and boy I was glad that I had finally visited this place!

If you’re a fan on South East Asian Cuisine especially Malaysian and Singapore food, you can’t go wrong with Temasek. I had dinner at Temasek on a Monday night and bookings were required! As soon as I arrived, I was greeted by a waiter and sat at our booked table. The place was very busy, and the atmosphere was great (I personally don’t mind noisy restaurants – it shows how busy the place is and makes the atmosphere really lively). We immediately were served with a jug of tap water and some glasses. I noticed that besides being labelled “Temasek” there was a Chinese title and not long after we communicated in Chinese with the waiters – however their english was excellent as well! Glancing around, half the customers were Aussies and my first impression of ths restaurant was great.

I heard that Temasek was reputable for it’s Hainan Chicken and Hainan rice, so we ordered a whole chicken for seven people, along with garlic king prawns, curry chicken, satay beaf and an oyster omelette. We were definitely up for the chilli crab which was also a favourite – but we only found out that we were meant to pre-order for crabs. I was a fan of the Hainan Chicken and Rice – however I think the sauce for the chicken could be better. Usually I don’t like eating well cooked prawns, but this time the garlic sauce was too appealing – this dish was superb! As for the curry chicken and satay beef, maybe because I’m used to Chinese and Japanese curry, I was indifferent towards the Malaysian style.

I would definitely come back for more and try more dishes next time as Temasek has given me a good first impression, and the price was reasonable as well. However parking may be a problem on George St, so maybe park in a carpark and then head over to Temasek!


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