Tis the Season to be Jolly

This is that time of year when (almost) everyone is already on holidays, or just starting, and the shopping centres are packed to the rafters with Christmas shoppers, school-kids and Christmas sales! Almost all of our students have come this week bearing gifts and cards, especially for those teachers who will be leaving us next year. Teachers have also prepared candy canes or small gifts/cards for their dedicated students! This is officially the season for giving, receiving and sharing!

Saying goodbye at the end of a lesson or the end of a teacher’s shift has been said with slightly more excitement: “Merry Christmas”s and “See you next year!”s replace the usual “See you next week!” After shouting out a “Bye! Merry Christmas! See you next…” to one of our students who is taking a break from her lessons, did I realise that I may never see her again! Although I will be here again tomorrow, saying goodbye to everyone has made me feel sad as I have grown accustomed to everyone’s company every Wednesday and Thursday night. Despite this, the exciting break to come Christmas, New Year…and the summer holidays keeps me from feeling too sad!


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