Janet’s Review: Red Lea Chicken

Red Lea Chicken is a brand that has been around since long before I was born (officially commenced in 1957)  and the Red Lea Chicken shop at Parramatta Westfield has moved locations, but also been around since the beginning!It is located on Level 5 on the Coles side, right across Michelle’s Patisserie and a new tea shop ChaTime (more into that later).

The store sells chicken in pretty much any form you want it in! Fresh chicken is available as any butcher would, including Bbq chicken kebab, marinated chicken kebabs (garlic, honey soy, lemon pepper, peri peri, satay), schnitzels (breast, tenderloin or thigh)! They have gourmet chicken sausages (absolutely to DIE for – the Herb & Garlic ones in particular) as well as kranskies, frankfurts, meatballs, rissoles and cabanossi – all in chicken of course! Bbq chickens ready-cooked are available for instant devouring that can be accompanied with Red Lea chips (coated in chicken salt!). Hot foods can be made on ordering such as chicken burgers, chicken sausage rolls, etc.

For any lover of chicken, or anyone preparing a chicken-themed Bbq, Red Lea is the place for top quality, fresh, guaranteed chicken goods! If you want any nutritional or ingredient-list information, you can even go to their website (www.redlea.com.au) and click each product for all of the information!


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