Last Day EVER @ Shine Music in 2010

How quickly time has passed!

It seems like just yesterday that I started here at Shine Music School when I actually started at the beginning of term 4.

So many amazing things have happened it these short 10 weeks!

We had the Shine Music Annual Concert, which was FANTASTIC! Have you seen the photos uploaded onto Facebook?  We had parents come in raving about the performances and how wonderful it was to see their kids have the courage to get up onto the stage and perform for a crowd!  When the videos are uploaded (which we are hoping is sometime soon), there is a student called Joseph perform Bruno Mars’ “Just the way you are” which you must watch! Just gorgeous!!

Lynda Sanders, one of Fran’s singing students was asked to perform the Australian and the American National Anthem at the Parramatta Speedway Monster Trucks Madness! She sang like a rockstar!

And before I forget, our students were asked to perform at the Red Cross End of Year celebration! as well as the Lord Mayor of Parramatta Function just last week!

Phew!! I’m out of breath just writing all of that down!  Its been an amazing year for our students, lots of great opportunities to show everyone all the hard work they have been doing this year:)

Guarding the front desk at Shine Music School has been so inspiring!.  Its so wonderful to see kids so young, starting from 4 years old! to adults (don’t want to speculate on age), fulfill their life long dream of learning an instrument!

This is the very very last Merry Christmas and Happy New Year message you’ll get from us this year:) We are so excited to see all of our kids back in 2011 refreshed and ready for another term of hard work and fun!

Have a safe holidays, slap on the sunscreen and we’ll see you back at Shine Music School very soon:)

Remember classes start back 27th of January 2011, but there are also holidays classes starting on the 12th of January 2011:)

See you all soon!


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