Welcome back! yay!

Do you all like the new place? Isn’t it much cooler…(literally)!  We worship the new air-conditioner!  The place was renovated over the Christmas holidays and now have 6 lesson rooms in total.  I was walking to the store-room at the back and William put up some cute fairy wall stickers (which he probably stole from Jessie) 😛  A lot of the students have been admiring them:)

This is the first time I’m working on a Friday.  The front desk girls had to shuffle shifts around because of uni timetables, so there are so many new faces and new names to learn! 🙂  But I miss my usual Tuesday bunch as well, which Janet has now taken over.  We got on like a house of fire!  Yes we were a noisy bunch!

Anyways! Its been incredibly hot these last few weeks! not to mention the crazy weather up in Queensland!  A few of the parents were complaining about the weather. Hot and Humid! Terrible combination.  One parent made a hilarious comment about how the weather was affecting her.  But it’s a little too inappropriate to mention in the blog;)



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