I’ve been contemplating for some time now, what on earth I would write in this blog.

Being a blog for a Music school, I thought maybe I should write about the daily happenings..but really the same thing happens over and over again…so it got me thinking..maybe I should flick through some of the other blogs (about music) and see what they’ve got to say…

I came across this really funky blog…i can’t remember which one it was now..but the writer wrote about all these awesome songs they came across…so I too have decided to follow the leader..and write about the songs I think you readers might enjoy….I love to listen to indie bands.  Many of their songs aren’t well known..like Rihanna’s S&M…but all the same..they’re great songs!

Red Riders

Following this is the brand new track, Ordinary. It’s quite a simple song, but that’s what makes it so endearing. It skips along casually, spreading an air of warmth. I’m not sure if it was Brad’s doing or more great work from the others, but damn those guitars sound good. To top it off, they’ve put together a cool little video to go along with it:




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