Sweet Tunes

Oooooh still reminiscing the sweet tunes that were played to your ears yesterday? I hope you all had a happy Valentines day yesterday! While all the sweet couples were having a romantic dinner or staying in and cosing up with DVDs, or…. just having a first date…I was hanging out with single friends, sadly.

Yesterday we were dining in the city and yes the whole restaurant was filled with couples. This happened to be the first time that I witnessed a marriage proposal! A musical one too! I felt like I was watching a hollywood film! Anyway… this is what happened, in the middle of finishing up my creme brulee we suddenly heard a soft piano melody – all heads in the restaurant turned and there was a handsome man playing the piano. I seriously thought he was the piano player so I kept eating..until I heard someone shout “Marry him!”.

We then noticed that a waiter had delivered a tray with what seemed tremendously like a ring’s box to a lady who looked reaaaaaally shocked. I couldn’t recognise what song it was but it must’ve been a magical spell that would force her to marry him! Because she nodded her head wildly when he finished his piece and joined her at the table. And then of course he knelt down on one knee and put the ring on her finger!!

Even though this is a silly old trick, but it was so sweet! I thought this would always be a hollywood film scene, but it turns out that if you have this musical talent, you must try it on your partner – I promise that she’ll nod her head wildly too!


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