How to tame a lion?

I’m amaaaazeddddddd. So amazed! For the pastt few months I’ve been here I’ve never witnessed something as such! One of our cheekiest, most talkative, not to mention ACTIVE students (you might be thinking its a boy, no it’s a girllllly!) had her second lesson with our new piano teacher Sarah Courtney who specialises in teaching younger children. This cheeky student of ours was never really motivated and determined to practise her piano!! Until she met Sarah…… At the end of the 30 minute lesson the student walked out and told her mum “Mum, I got Shine Dollars…. I’m gonna practise more now!”

I was so surprised! For that to come out of her mouth….. I didn’t know what it would take. But it seemed that Sarah had tamed her very well in a short span of 30 minutes .. Now she usually gets Shine Dollars anway, but it must’ve been something different that Sarah did or said that motivated her!

I wonder if she will seriously practise at home from now on ? Regardless, a round of applause for Sarah!! 😀


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