New Faces

Wow this is the first time here at Shine that I have been able to sit back, relax, and have a look at the new face of Shine Music School. The first half of the term (omg it’s already halfway into the term!!!)  has just FLOWN by with so many new faces of students, parents and teachers coming in and out of the school. For the first time in the four years I have seen this school, the face of Shine Music School has changed forever! It sounds very dramatic…but we have been renovated! What was once 4 rooms (1 on the bottom floor, 3 on the top) with no access to the bathroom if a teacher/student was inside, not to mention the staff storeroom, has now been completely renovated!

This is what greets us when we first walk in – two beautiful photo collages (one red, one blue) of some of our talented students and teachers performing at our 2010 Annual Shine Charity Concert! You will have to look closely to see who’s in it!

The first level where we had three rooms, has now been transformed into 4 – and free access for all at any time to the bathroom! YAY!

If you walk straight down this corridor and turn to the left – there is the bathroom door! The room straight at the end of this corridor, as you can see in this image, is the staff room! A freezing cold room that could also be used as a refridgerator! Haha


Although this new addition – the water cooler – has only been here this year, it seems as though everyone can’t live without it! Teachers and students come to this watering hole to re-soothe their tired voices after singing, talking and just for the sake of drinking water! Please remember to use one cup each time – the young ones find it fascinating to see this machine working.

And last but not least, the bottom floor where we front desk girls reside. What was once one has now become two – and the shelves have been pushed aside for more waiting room space!

Everyone stepping into the school for the first time looks around, dazed and suprised! It is quite amazing! If you haven’t already, take a tour of the new Shine Music School!


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