Don’t let pressure chase you!!

Awww, even though its quite cold outside I feel really warm inside right now. No its not the room temperature, it’s just that I’ve been having a discussion with a bunch of parents just then worrying about what schools and colleges they should enrol their kids in! One mother was worrying about what high school when her kid is only in year one! No it’s not really too early, because before you know it she’ll be in year 3 or 4 …. and it will be about time to think about high schools.

They were also having a disccussion about selective and OC test – I think that’s a good choice if your child is a genius without tutoring otherwise it’s better to have them at the top of the ladders rather than at the bottom in an OC/selective school.

It’s just the same with music here – you don’t need to do an exam if you play an instrument or you don’t need to take a classical piece to the exam – you can take Bruno mars with you! There’s always something for leisure and for fun – if you don’t need professional recognition or you seriously can’t take all the pressure. But I’m not saying that the exams aren’t worthy! It’ll definitely force you to brush up your skills and you can also see what you have achieved all these years….



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