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One of the benefits of working here at Shine Music School is that we get to meet a whole bunch of people – people that we’d never usually talk to when out on the streets or even in a shopping centre. I know that mums and dads, and in particular, high school students, would never approach me on the streets to ask me about my knowledge of music, music lessons, teachers, school, education, and quite a large variety of topics that I never knew I’d be able to talk about. Here at Shine, so many of the students and parents sit down and have a chat with me as they wait for their lesson, spend time packing up their instruments after the lesson (the woodwind students need to take the time to clean their instrument before packing it away) or wait for their child to come out of a lesson. I found myself today talking to people constantly – to the point that my throat has constantly been feeling dry and parched!

Talking to some of the newer students has become routine – today we compared the teaching styles of two different teachers that she was able to experience here at Shine. It is amazing the effect a teacher can have on a student’s attitudes about music. As an adult student, she joked about how having a strict teacher who focuses on exam technique and perfection is just too much for her as a beginner adult student who is also old (her words not mine!).  After her talk, I realised that having a teacher who is able to adapt to the needs of each individual student is very important. If someone needs strict discipline to focus and get perfect grades, or on the other hand someone who wants to take it easy and learn the basics! We came to the conclusion that discussing what you need and want is important at the start – so that you don’t end up with the wrong teacher! Having half and half might also be a good idea – someone to keep you on track but also lets you have a good time.


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  1. Cindy: My throat is constanly dry as well haha 🙂

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