Parents participating

Many of our teachers are keen to have parents inside the room when the students are having their lesson, so then when they go home and practice, the mums and dads would have some sort of idea of what the kids need to be doing.  Earlier this afternoon, the mum of one of the violin students came out of the classroom in a fit of giggles!  She couldn’t stop herself.  She was sitting inside the room while her daughter was playing, her daughter’s only 5 or 6, and she was trying soo hard to play the correct notes!  I could hear her playing from downstairs at the front desk, and it sounded a little bit funny.  She played some notes perfectly, but when she didn’t, it sounded abit like chicken scratch! But it was so adorable how she was trying to do her best, and well I think that’s all that matters!

It’s better to have tried, than not have attempted it at all.

Practice makes perfect, and I think with a little bit more practice, she’s going to be playing perfectly in no time!


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