Aim for 99.99% guys!

Yes the time has come again! The time has come again for your favourite – reports!! Now if you don’t like taking exams then you cannot avoid the only other kind of “Assessment” here at Shine, because everyone has a report whether they’re a child or adult! There is still about a month untiul you’ll be receiving them but I was preparing them for teachers today – so teachers will work on them soon. Meanwhile to get good grades on the Shine Music Report, I think it will require a lot of practise, and not 5 minutes a day, but at least 30 minutes a day! You don’t want to have the same looking report from last term do you?

Do try your best, but if the results aren’t as good as expected, make sure you see how much you have improved – now that’s also a very very important aspect of your learning here at Shine Music. There is no such thing as 100% because there is alwaaaaays room for improvement.


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